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Svetlana Chernienko is a Canadian-American Mental Health advocate, fashion designer, philanthropist, TV news contributor, and sits at the head of Welcome To My Everyday - A Mental Health Charity founded by Svetlana herself. She is also the designer and CEO of WU-SAH, her latest project.

Svetlana started off modeling and strutting the runways of the world at a very young age, circa 1993, all while enduring her own Mental Health Struggles. As time went by, her need to help others with Mental Health grew so strong that she would dedicate the following years to advocating for Mental Health Awareness, Contributing to various TV News outlets, and becoming a known staple across Canada through her platform. Her advocacy became so prevalent by helping entire communities that she was awarded by the Canadian Government with The Community Service Excellence Award in the fall of 2021 for all her great work with Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and Human Rights within the community throughout the years.

As we entered 2022, Svetlana still felt the need to help others and eradicate the stigmas around Mental Health. Her journey has taken her full circle, from walking the runways to presenting her new WU-SAH eco-sustainable fashion brand in New York’s Fashion Week 2022. She now finds herself a few decades later, giving back to an industry that gave her her start: the fashion industry. Her new line encompasses her journey from her fashion days to her mental health advocacy by showcasing her fashion collection around biophilia which literally translates to “love of life” and has been proven to help those struggling with Mental Health, through nature.  

As of this year, Svetlana will be working on her eco-sustainable line, publishing her books around mental health, and striving to reach a bigger audience to shed as much light on Mental Health Awareness as she possibly can.  

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Mental Health Advocate | Fashion Designer | Politician | Philanthropist

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