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Wu-Sah is an eco-sustainable fashion brand using recycled fabrics from ECONYL yarns (manufactured exclusively from regenerated raw materials such as ocean waste) or American REPREVE. Aside from fabrics, they make all of their prints using eco-ink. They use paper hygiene liners instead of plastic, the packaging is 100% biodegradable, and they have a number of other options that can be used to truly make a difference in our environment.

wu-sah 1500PX.png

Wü-sah is anchored in the following values: mental health, alignment, sustainability, and freedom of expression. Wü-sah premiered its first eco-sustainable collection inspired by Biophilia during NYFW 22 and will be showcasing the second half of its collection in July, during Miami Fashion/Swim Week. The runway show will encompass the beauty of the world and its diversity, and the importance of its preservation.

The founder and designer of Wü-sah, Svetlana Chernienko has much experience as a human rights activist and mental health advocate, as she is passionate about the topics. She can now demonstrate this passion through her creative talents.

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