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Svetlana Chernienko is now  certified to be your Confidence  & Body Positivity Coach.

As a domestice abuse survivor , mother of 4 and body postive model she knows alot about having to deal with a negative self image and turing that into a postive.

Her goal has always been to help other gain and own their confidence so that they can go after what they want in life and not have their negativity towards themselves hinder them .



she will help you with :



  • Improve self-image

  • Increase self-confidence

  • End self-doubt

  • Be successful in their personal and professional life

  • Feel more confident and self-assured


This is what is covered  in Confidence  , Self- Love & Body Positivity Coaching / Consulting :


  1. Turn low self-esteem into high self-esteem using NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming

  2. End self doubt instantly using NLP techniques

  3. Uncover simple, fast and effective ways to build self-esteem with step-by-step exercises

  4. Experience more moments of self-assurance and confidence as you discover your unique brand of self-esteem

  5. Stop comparing yourself to anyone else and instead stand out and stand up with confidence

  6. Feel confident asking for a raise because you know you are worth it!

  7. Discover self-esteem insight that sets you up for success

  8. Go from low self-esteem to high self-esteem and become unstoppable in your personal and professional life

  9. Develop a winning self-image with amazing effortless ease

  10. Enjoy the social aspects of having a winning self-esteem that others are attracted to.