In support
of other causes

Even though Svetlana is known around the globe for her advocacy for mental health, Svetlana is an active philanthropist for various causes close and dear to her heart. She's long been a champion for causes that range from domestic violence to human rights.

Domestic Violence

Being a domestic violence survivor herself, Svetlana is dedicated to bringing awareness and solutions to helping and protecting women who are victims of domestic violence.



Miss Chernienko has long time been an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. She has participated in various events to support the group and has lent her voice to advocate for their rights. 


Human Rights

Being of mixed race, Svetlana has gone through her share of bullying and discrimination. Svetlana uses her platform and media influence to shed light on the injustices plaguing our societies, whether it's for women's rights, civil rights or any human right.

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Body Positivity

Svetlana debuted her career as a model as a young woman and has been subject to many-body shaming incidents within the industry. Later on in life, she would make it her mission to change the narrative of beauty and promote a healthy relationship and acceptance of womens bodies by embracing and loving oneself no matter the size and age. 


Children With Special Needs

Being the mother of a wonderful young son with special needs, Svetlana knows firsthand the struggles parents and their children go through. The lack of information and resources has led her on an ongoing journey to solve these issues and give the children and their parents better support.


Anti-racism demonstration in Montreal, led by many speakers, including Svetlana Chernienko, June 2020