Will My Son's Be Next?

Dear world; My reality as a mother raising black sons hasn’t always been easy .. teaching them not to share their pants like their white friends, or wear hoodies .. to listen and obey the police if they where ever stopped for no reason.


Conversations of what the reality of being a black man is and will be as they get older . I’m a mother of 2 adult black men and a young black boy .

I’ve had sleepless nights when they’ve gone out hoping I wasn’t going to get “the call “ ... I’m worried no matter how educated, how well mannered , how successful they are they will always have a target on their backs .


Dear black men and boys ... as a mother I know your fear because I live it to . Always remember who you are and how you were raised and don’t let any of these cops tell you different. .

You are wonderful, handsome and loved ... To the mothers and fathers raising black men remind them of who they are . Speak up about your fears and let them know you will always have their backs . .

My emotions have been up and down since another black man#georgefloydwas murdered. We don’t the mental anguish so many mothers ,fathers ,black children , men and women have to deal with everyday .

I want to ask you , are you afraid of your child being killed for just being black , for going to the store ? For jogging ? Trying to come home after a party? For sleeping ? FOR JUST BEING BLACK !!?!

So I say , Dear white people educate your children not to have this hate to become these officers that go above the law , murder and linch us and our sons , daughters , husbands , fathers and sisters . Teach them to do better .. teach them that#blacklivesmatter

Svetlana Chernienko


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