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Taking control of your mental health

This mental health week reach out to friends and check in with yourself. Global’s Andrea Howick is joined by Svetlana Chernienko with advice on how to take action if you, or someone you know is suffering with anxiety and depression.   

Diverse City: Refusing to be silenced

Diverse City: Svetlana Chernienko is a Canadian model, domestic abuse survivor and mental health advocate. She is using her voice to keep other women safe. Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed reports.

Aug 01, 2019, 7:01 PM

Tracking mental health with an app

How do you make yourself feel better when you’re down? Global’s Andrea Howick learns about a new app that helps track and change your mood.  

Ep 68: Domestic Abuse Survivor, Advocate & Model, Svetlana Chernienko Chats Mental Health Awareness

Svetlana Chernienko joins me on the show to share her prolific and epic story. Svetlana is a domestic abuse survivor and mental health advocate. Having battled with mental health herself and surviving suicide gives her a very real experience of how important bringing awareness to mental health is. Svetlana has a massive presence on social media and in the news media given her courage and absolute strength to bring conversation to a topic that still very much today is surrounded with stigma. We share laughs, talk about very serious subjects, but unpack it neatly with the context of 2 friends just having a chat. We have never met, nor spoke prior to recording, but quickly became friends through the podcast. I hope you enjoy and as always, please like, comment and share to help bring awareness!  

Highlighting body positivity on the runway

Body positivity advocate Svetlana Chernienko joins Global’s Laura Casella to talk about a big upcoming runway show in New York to highlight bodies of all shapes and sizes.​

Twerk For a Cause

Svetlana Chernienko from Clozet Freak Cares Foundation drops by Global News Morning to show Laura Casella how to twerk to raise awareness about domestic violence.

National Mental Health Awareness Week

Motivational speaker Svetlana Chernienko’s life goal is to end the stigma of mental health by fostering open conversations about mental illness, while also sharing some tips on how to deal with it. She stops by our Global Montreal studio to talk to Laura Casella about National Mental Health Awareness Week.

Quebec floods: Too many volunteers, too little co-ordination?

During the floods in Quebec, Larysa Chernienko, Svetlana Chernienko and Kathy Wolf fed thousands of people in need of food after they were evacuated out of their homes due to the high rising waters.  

5 Tips to Conquer your Fear w/ Domestic Violence Survivor – Svetlana

Hi Sweet Soul, If you’re anything like me, today’s episode of The Nalie Show may get you a little angry! Domestic Violence is difficult subject to discuss, but definitely necessary. Which is why I am extremely proud of Svetlana for agreeing to share her story with us!Svetlana is the Founder of Clozet Freak Studio / Boutique. Anyone who meets her would define her as bold, confident and even fearless! But those characteristics did not blossom overnight. From the young age of 15 to 22, she was in an abusive relationship with a man who not only beat her, but kidnapped her and locked in an attic for 3 weeks with her newborn child. I know, CRAZY RIGHT? I’m still in awe of everything she’s suffered yet has accomplished today! If there is anyone who has “the perfect excuse” to live in FEAR is her… but every day, she CHOOSES happiness instead! If she can find new love, raise 4 kids, run her dream business and give back to community…. after everything she’s been put through… just imagine what you can do!Together, we give you 5 TIPS TO CONQUER YOUR FEAR! So you can do amazing things too! Enjoy xoNalie  

Twerk For A Cause – Longest twerk for Guinness World Records book

Twerk For A Cause – On August 6th in Richelieu, QC. Svetlana Chernienko will be making an attempt to break the longest singular ‘Twerk’ for the Guinness World Records book – and will be raising money and awareness for the charity, ‘Under the Same Sun’ for people with albinism who are brutally murdered in Africa by witch doctors for their bones and or parts. Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia. Lack of skin pigmentation makes for more susceptibility to sunburn and skin cancers.....

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