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Mental Health


"It's OK not to be OK"

Although Svetlana wears many hats, they all stem from her relentless dedication and advocacy for Mental Health. She dedicated the last decade to trying to eradicate the stigma around Mental Health.

Living with Mental Health disorders herself, she felt that by sharing her story and journey, she would make others feel confident to speak up and seek help. She created a safe platform that allowed her to shed light on the matter.

Her direct approach, demeanor, kindness, and relatability caught the attention of many across Canada which led to various media interviews and an enormous following.

She had become a household name due to her extensive work and contributions to the Mental Health community. Soon enough, she would become the to-go Ambassador for Mental Health, landing her the position of TV News Contributor for all matters related to Mental Health.

After many years of appearing on television and helping her community, The Government of Canada awarded her with The Community Service Excellence Award in the fall of 2021 for all her great work in Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and Human Rights.

As of July 1 2022 she's joining FM radio as a co-host and producer of The Morning Detour show , where she will be having more conversations about mental health in the black community.

Her journey never stops as Svetlana hopes to help people suffering from Mental Health issues and spread awareness to as many people as she can reach.

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