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My Journal Is Launching Soon!

"The Power of I AM" has been something that I've been working on for a while. We all want to live a more positive life and manifest the life and goals we've always wanted.

I'm someone who loves to journal and read self-help books. However, I always found myself either getting bored or not manifesting what my heart desired. I kept feeling like I was missing something.

Then I figured it out and had the ahh -haa moment, and we need to work on not just putting ourselves in a certain mindset; however, we need to reprogram our brains.

As much as I was doing these "goal Journals, " many things weren't changing, and I realized I needed to include something.

My mindset needed to change the way my brain was working. It felt like I was going through the motions and taking in everyone on social media doing the same journals, and they seemed to be manifesting their best lives, and here I wasn't.

I realized there was doubt about myself and fear; I knew I needed to do more than write affirmations. I needed to understand why affirmations and positive thinking were so important.


This journal will guide you into mastering "THE POWER OF I AM," manifesting your goals and dreams by healing and empowering how you feel and see yourself. I've created an affirmations blueprint, an in-depth introduction to the journal and how to do your journal prompts so that you can succeed, heal and empower yourself.


I look forward to getting my journal into everyone's hands and homes.

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"I want to help others break free of self-sabotaging behaviour and thought patterns so that others can achieve their best lives and feel more confident."

Says ; Svetlana Chernienko

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