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Svetlana has advocated for mental health, domestic violence and human rights for over 6 years. Throughout her service to her community, she's become a compelling storyteller and motivational speaker inspiring others through her life's journey of adversities that she's faced.


Her first platform for sharing a very harrowing story was for Goal Cast 

We work event at a keynote address.

Svetlana shared her survival story of domestic violence, being abducted, surviving suicide and protecting her child from his very abusive father.


She has openly shared her battles with living with mental illness, which took her into a platform of being a mental health tv news contributor for GlobalNews Montreal for several years. She's Inspired and encourages others not to feel shame for living with mental health issues.


During the pandemic, her tv news contribution spread to several other networks and radio stations, becoming their mental health and domestic violence expert.

With the rise of community trauma when George Floyd was killed, she used her powerful voice to raise awareness in a massive protest in Montreal, Canada, that moved many and was dubbed by others as historical.


Mental health and domestic violence rose in Quebec. Svetlana took to her advocacy and shared her pain and struggles with being a survivor on national television as a contributor in the hopes of making a difference.


On March 23, 2021, a young woman Rebekah Love Harry was murdered and was the 7th femicide due to domestic violence during the pandemic.

Svetlana stepped in to help the family by using her voice and personal experiences to help raise awareness of how serious this matter was. 

On April 3, 2021, Svetlana led a march in her memory, supporting her 

friends and family that had lost their loved ones.


Svetlana closed the march with her profound truth about what it's like to go through domestic violence in the hopes that others would be moved to understand we can't continue to do nothing, and we need to change laws to protect the victims and their families.


Svetlana is a compelling human with a profound gift for storytelling. "I never write speeches; I always speak from my heart. You don't need notes when you speak from experiences and from your heart."


Her powerful voice has moved many, and if you've ever heard her speak, 

you know her intense ability and gift of transforming people's pain into power.

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